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Creator of Transforming Embodiment and Pioneer in Somatic, Cellular and Past Life Healing


Psychic & Medical Intuitive Readings, Past Life and Somatic Therapy and Trainings for Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit in Marin and Worldwide

TE The energy that Elizabeth Burke channels

TE (this character) is the energy that flows in and through all things. It is the energy that Elizabeth is connected to.

Practical Compassionate Wisdom for the Soul Transforming Pain & Fear into Peace


"By allowing the body to be in a state of presence, resting in the present moment, fully in the body, one can come into communion with one's body truth. By exploring at this level, body patterns that are held can be experienced. As consciousness of the body history awakens, memories surface as do the experiences held in the body from across time. Awareness grows. This is the place we seek to know, to come into communion with, and embody. The memory and knowing of our timeless Self, so we can be release ancient patterns, live more fully in the now, and function more integrally from a grounded place of truth." Channelled by Elizabeth

An Integrative Approach


Welcome ~ healingorigins.com is for both beginners and more seasoned explorers. Elizabeth Burke gives you an easy way to explore and heal your mind, body and spirit.

You can start with a psychic, medical intuitive or past life reading, then move on to either past life and somatic integrative therapy, or chakra exploration and healing. Or you can opt for classes, trainings, workshops and books.

Whatever your needs are Elizabeth can help you.


Elizabeth offers you:


1. Psychic, Medical Intuitive and Past Life Readings

If you are looking for clarity, direction, peace of mind and answers to life's perplexing questions and want reliable answers then a psychic, medical intuitive or past life reading is your natural first step.  Learn More

Elizabeth can reveal your story and the energies at work in your life. It can help you understand your relationships, illuminate what has been unknown to you and give you innovative answers and solutions, so you can find your way forward with ease and grace.


2. Past Life & Somatic Integrative Therapy or Chakra Healing

If you are looking to go deeper, If you want to unravel problems and patterns that challenge you, if you want to move beyond your fears, worries and pain that keep you bound to your past then past life and somatic integrative therapy can help you take the next step forward in your personal and spiritual growth.

Learn More

If you want to release deep emotions and life-long patterns once and for all then chakra exploration and healing can help you release the imprints from your soul and clear your energy body, mind and spirit like never before.

Learn More

Using an integrative approach paired with psychic insights and a therapy Elizabeth developed in 1991 she can help you make these leaps with confidence and peace


3. Trainings, Classes and Workshops

If you want to find answers for yourself, long to ignite your spiritual growth and move forward with greater clarity or if you are a holistic practitioner, who wants to augment your skills, then Elizabeth's intuition, chakra and meditation training, Transforming Embodiment trainings, Hawaiian shamanism or Huna workshops, or individual instruction are just right for you.

Workshops and trainings awaken your intuitive mind and teach you how to use your mind & body to change the karmic patterns that hold you back. Discover new tools for inner transformation & deep core healing.

Learn More (Intuition Training)

Learn More (Transforming Embodiment Trainings)

Learn More (Huna)


WHY Choose Elizabeth

Elizabeth survived a three year-long kundalini awakening that left her forever changed. She learned directly from spirit how to use the mind to heal the body. Learn More

She knows first-hand how unresolved emotions are often the source of suffering, and how deeply your past and past lives affect you in this very moment.

Elizabeth Burke has channeled a profound energy, taught, counseled and read for 1000's of men and women from all over the America's & Europe for over two decades. Learn More

She has unique keys that can unlock the doors to the inner wisdom that is alive within you, igniting your intuition and shifting your consciousness in the process.

She is adept at seeing and finding the nuggets within your mind body and spirit that drive you, hold you back and away from your true Self. Learn More


WHAT IS Transforming Embodiment ®

Transforming Embodiment or TE® is Elizabeth's new method for inner transformation and self-healing.

Transforming Embodiment treats the core and awakens your inner wisdom.

This can help you heal your past and upsetting emotions, so you can find peace of mind and be less worried & stressed in your daily life.

Learn how to stabilize your mind, connect to your inner Self and discover your true self with clarity and discernment.

Elizabeth developed this method in 1991 and has been teaching and sharing this work ever sense.


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H. Elizabeth Burke MA Psychic, Past Life & Somatic Integrative Therapy and Mind Body Spirit Trainings in Marin and SF Bay Area
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A Message from Elizabeth

I can help you find the answers and understanding you long for, direction you urgently need, peace of mind that you crave, and confidence to move forward.

You have this unique opportunity, to gain the tools and skills to find happiness and heal your mind, body and soul.

Deep healing may seem scary at first, but once you dive in, it is as refreshing and renewing as a summer rain.

Aloha, Elizabeth Burke


Clients Testimonials

Elizabeth Burke is unlike any other psychic I have been too. Her work is a unique blend of psychic, spiritual and energetic practices. She draws on experiential truths, which often defy mainstream psychic conventions, but actually resonated more deeply with my own felt sense of the world. I have found her work powerful, helpful and full of ah-ha's.

Cecily M.,~ Bodyworker & Health Educator

For a phenomenal session that will blow your mind and help you gain a deeper understanding of your life, I highly recommend Elizabeth Burke. I truly felt enlightened about an issue I was dealing with and was able to reach a place of peace and completion after a few sessions with her. I am grateful to Elizabeth and the work she does and would recommend her to anyone seeking more insight into their current life patterns.

Laurie Mazzerella, ~ Life Coach

Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing to light an issue that had plagued me since childhood. In just one session, I began to feel much more alive and much less fearful. Words can't explain the relief, clarity, freedom and sense of self that I walked away with. What an in-depth and profound experience with one who has remarkable abilities.

Michele, ~ School Teacher

Elizabeth is definitely 'one of a kind'. She channels, counsels, does mind-body healing and teaches me how I can work on myself, so I can find my own answers. Not to mention she is a delight to be around and is just a genuinely warm and compassionate person. I have and do highly recommend her.

Leslie Corbin,~ CEO, RNI INC

Elizabeth's reading about my relationship was life altering. It's as if I've been standing on one side of a lake for the last six years, and now I've been picked up, taken to the other side of the lake, and set down.

I'm looking at the same things, but the perspective is completely different. Things that I wasn't willing to acknowledge are now staring me in the face, and things that I convinced myself were okay are suddenly really, really not okay, and I need to take action.

My life looks completely different now. Your readings confirmed all the subtle senses of things that I'd had all along. It's all very validating, and I continue to find more and more connections. I am so grateful. Thank you for the wake-up call! Now I can truly move forward in my life.

K.C.,~ Bodyworker

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Award-Winning Paperback edition
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H. Elizabeth Burke's Award Winning Book ~ Memory in Our Bones

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2009 IPPY Award Winner

2011 Eric Hoffer Award Winner

2011 Montaigne Award Finalist


MEMORY IN OUR BONES is a bold, inspiring exploration of the nature of consciousness that goes far beyond our ordinary assumptions. Ms. Burke shows that consciousness is not limited or confined to our brains, or to the here and now, but is unlimited. We cannot be truly healthy unless this realization becomes real for each of us.

Larry Dossey, MD

Author: Healing Beyond the Body, Healing Words, Reinventing Medicine,& Recovering the Soul.

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Drawing on years of research in science, spirituality and psycho-energetic and somatic studies from Buddhist Taoist and Shamanistic traditions gives us MEMORY IN OUR BONES gives us the tools, courage and inspiration to re-write our own stories from a place of compassion and empowerment. This book is riveting. I recommend it highly to any bodyworker, healer, or human being who wishes to open up to greater joy and vitality in an embodied, and transcendent way.

Leza Lowitz,

Author: Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By. Owner, Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Tokyo




Your gifts of connecting and recognizing the deeply buried issues within me with compassion and support was like the biggest, warmest welcoming hug I could have ever received, especially after feeling like a lost wounded puppy.

Getting back home was a series of long delays and missed connections taking all day--not landing until midnight. I became conscious at one point of how surprisingly calm I was during such a chaotic, high-anxiety situation.

What? Who is this person? Is this me? In the past I would have been crawling out of my skin. My husband even commented on how calm my texts were. I felt calm, my usual anxieties, worries, and fears had vanished and I actually enjoyed myself!

The past 2 months have been intense and wonderful. My husband and I have been fighting less and appreciating each other more. What a plus! He quit his job and is starting a new venture and is so happy. I left the gallery and have found a new art dealer and I am back in the studio....working.

I have a sense of clarity and calm I have never had in my life. I feel hopeful again! And my son is flourishing. Elizabeth, I'm so lucky to have met you. Just being in your presence gave me so much.

Just knowing that you are there being, who you are and doing what you do, means so much. It truly makes a difference in the world.

Marianne, ~ Artist, Wife & Mother

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 Publishing date 2016

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